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I still like Kyiv

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Last week I went to Kiev with my colleagues of customizing development to meet the guys of product development and have an exchange of experiences and visions. This time it was a lot more relaxed for me than it was last time when everything was in a hurry. I was really excited to see the Kiew folks again I was not disappointed. On the other hand I was somewhat disappointed by the folks of my own department who seem to have a problem with my eating habits (I am a vegetarian) and with my weight and with my overall appearance (the way I dress or wear rings, very ). As a result I didn’t integrate as much as I would have liked, but given the high spirits of all the people in my department I guess that will go to a positive outcome.
The purpose of the trip was to have an exchange about the changes of our software from the 5.1 to the 5.2 version and to give feedback. We covered quite a range of issues and I was impressed by the vision of planned development in the future with the inclusion of the Entity Framework and Silverlight.
On the second day we went to the city center to take a peek of the Ukrainian capital. Because I have been there already I was somewhat bored and normally I have a higher pace than others anyways. We ended up in a street cafe and I got a little more loaded than I should have. And fellas, the abundance of nice girls in Kiev is really something. On the fourth day we went to a restaurant, a bar, and finally to a strip club. Quite entertaining that was. ;)