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Rules of Abstraction I

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Alright, here finally is an entry about programming stuff ;)

MetaManager To ease my efforts in implementing new applications that have to access data I have begun writing a abstraction layer for a database (e.g. MSSQL). The aim is to get rid of having to write SQL code inside an application and thus be able to just rely on the layer to do any necessary communication with the data source (not only database but also xml-file, webservice, or just memory).

Data source Abstraction

The Abstraction Layer is a set of classes centered around one metaDataPool class, which contains all the functionality needed to manage the data within the application. The number of tables in the database is fixed, so all structural information for any data model needs to be contained in the data, not in the table structure (columns). There are tables for classes, their attributes, relationships, their attributes, and tables for users, projects (namespaces), and hierarchical data storage (folders).
An instance of the metaDataPool class keeps all this information and by its methods the information can be manipulated and without extra programming be stored in the respective data source.

metaDataPool dataPool;
metaQueryResult result =
metaDatabaseDataPool.Create(connectionString, out dataPool);
if (result.OK)
foreach (metaClass c in dataPool.Classes)

screenshot…more to come…


Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Unlike with other first days in a jobs I had I did not feel any nervousness this time. My confidence in what I can achieve (with the right motivation) has returned, it seems.
At a first glance I’d say the folks there are pretty relaxed and the overall atmosphere appears quite different. The place is a little, um, well, not as pristine as the old place, but I suppose when someone puts more emphasis on substance than appearance that’s what you get. And the software I was shown and that I will work with from now on is eons ahead of what I have been involved in thus far. Way to keep current. As soon as I’m over the nitty-gritty there will be no bounds to where the development can go. ;)
Peace. finally.

On a side note: my mom will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a splinter of bone that comes from a fracture of the nasal bone, which she contracted when she fell on the pavement near my flat.

Deliverance from thralldom

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The day has finally arrived on which I remove myself from my recent employment for good. And I intend to move forward without looking back. The experiences of the past year are too uncomfortale to leave with fondness. Darn, the reason why I left is exactly my mistrust in the higher-ups and the constant chaos and discouraging uncertainty I had to cope with. I regret nothing but I will never again let myself be cornered in such a way. Maybe with time my anger subsides, but it will take a while. My only hope is that the tension I have been living under for the past few years will disappear during my upcoming vacation…