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Pertisau, Austria

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

On January 29 almost all employees of the company I work for were shuttled to Pertisau, Austria for a weekend of recreational business. It was the official Kickoff Meeting 2010 of Matrix42. Even the folks from Kyiv were flown in.
On the first day we were taken to Pertisau in a 6-hours bus ride. Upon arrival we were greeted with a late lunch and a little welcome speech by our CEO. Hotel rooms were allotted to pairs of employees and me and my esteemed room-pal got a respectable residence. After settling in we went to a chalet for the evening fun.
On the second day everybody engaged in a “snow challenge” team game competition  that included sledding, iglu-building, biathlon and curling. Pure fun. In the evening we went for the official gala dinner & dance at a nearby village. Awards were handed out and I received the “Outstanding Company Commitment 2009″ prize. Very nice to be recognized. In all the day was exhausting and I took the first bus back to the hotel.
On th third day we packed and left the hotel to go to listen to presentations about the company’s recap of 2009 and the vision for 2010 and beyond. Quite inspirational and I really think our boss is a good guy. After that and lunch were were shuttled back home.
This event did a lot for bonding among the employees and a better understanding of how each one is embedded in the company. An I must say that the hotel was very nice the food was good and the mood superb. Thumbs up.

Deliverance from thralldom

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The day has finally arrived on which I remove myself from my recent employment for good. And I intend to move forward without looking back. The experiences of the past year are too uncomfortale to leave with fondness. Darn, the reason why I left is exactly my mistrust in the higher-ups and the constant chaos and discouraging uncertainty I had to cope with. I regret nothing but I will never again let myself be cornered in such a way. Maybe with time my anger subsides, but it will take a while. My only hope is that the tension I have been living under for the past few years will disappear during my upcoming vacation…

A New Day

Monday, January 26th, 2009

What a day! The first black US president is sworn in, my mother is finally getting a place for assisted living, a friend of mine is becoming a father again, I keep losing weight, and my life is taking new directions. Quite a way to start out in the new year.
The day before yesterday I had an interview for a new job and tonight I got the news that I was hired. I will sign my new contract on Friday and on Monday I will submit my notice.

Happy New Year ya’ll

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I wish all of you all the best and luck and love in 2009. Put bad memories made in 2008 aside and head for a fresh start. At least that’s what I’ll try to do. Right now I have no idea what this year might hold for me, but there are some changes that I have to have in my life very soon (or else I might just quit).
On the personal level 2008 was definitely the worst of my entire life. Which may be why I have consumed more alcohol than in the 8 years or so before. Although I had hoped that my move into a new apartment would be a change in my life for the better, it did not at all turn out that way. I still have not arrived and I have no place right now that I would consider “home”. 2008 has been a year of struggling my way back into some kind of socialization. I have revived some old acquaintances and I have stopped sitting at home all by myself. However, I have realized that it is not as easy for me to connect with people as it used to be. I notice a certain kind of superficiality and lack of personal loyalty in people which keeps me from calling someone a real friend. Maybe I just expect the wrong things or others expect things from me that I am unaware of, but this discovery has been somewhat hurtful. I am severely pissed about all the egomaniacs I am surrounded with and I really need to see to reducing my altruism. I can be exploited way to easily when I like someone. Maybe my stance of generally not liking people (or at least not becoming somehow attached to them) of the past few years wasn’t so bad after all. I have not ever been so mentally (and indeed emotionally) exhausted as I have been in 2008 and when there was that one moment in November that could have ended it all I did not even care. That still upsets me.
As far as my software activities go I have done less private software programming and it is in fact continuously getting harder for me to focus enough on software that probably is never going to be used by anyone except me. I will seek a new job and I really hope I can get one that is more fulfilling and bears for me a perspective to some foreseeable ends.

2009 MUST be different. In a positive way.

The word is out

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

I finally told my boss of my plans to quit. He seemed to be quite disturbed, to say the least. I will now have to see what kind of offers will be made. And it really isn’t all about money. It’s basically about morale and trust. To be honest, I have already made my mind up about leaving (if not now, then surely some time in the new year). But even if changes might come too late for me, it still might improve the situation for my colleagues who remain.

The scent of freedom

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Right now, I am so fed up with my company I’d want to leave at once. Unfortunately my contract forces me to stay at least another 2 months (!!!) after I quit my job. Life sucks. I will try to find a law that enables me to leave in shorter time, and as soon as I have found it, I’ll write my resignation.

OK, I have withdrawn this entry because of fears that the bigwigs at my office might read it. But since I have had some talk with one of them I am pretty sure that they will not come up with something that will keep me there. The way the job has been going since the beginning of this year has been just to much.

Local job fair

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Went to a job fair at the local university today. Was pretty cool and there were quite a few students interested in our business. Wearing a suit was of course annoying.
Oh, btw, I work for PDTec AG, Karlsruhe, Germany.