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Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Unlike with other first days in a jobs I had I did not feel any nervousness this time. My confidence in what I can achieve (with the right motivation) has returned, it seems.
At a first glance I’d say the folks there are pretty relaxed and the overall atmosphere appears quite different. The place is a little, um, well, not as pristine as the old place, but I suppose when someone puts more emphasis on substance than appearance that’s what you get. And the software I was shown and that I will work with from now on is eons ahead of what I have been involved in thus far. Way to keep current. As soon as I’m over the nitty-gritty there will be no bounds to where the development can go. ;)
Peace. finally.

On a side note: my mom will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a splinter of bone that comes from a fracture of the nasal bone, which she contracted when she fell on the pavement near my flat.


Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

I have just finished the technical part of moving out of my old apartment and moving into the new one. I still have to do a lot of unpacking, but most of it will have to wait until the walls are painted (which a dear friend of mine has more or less offered to do for me). The annoyance I have experienced in this move is unlike what I have had in previous moves. This time I hired a moving company to perform the transport, and I was surprised what they charged in the end. Almost twice of what had been talked about.
Anyways, I am now happy in my new place and the strange thing is that I have almost forgotten already how it was in the old place Also my two cats seem to have finally adapted quite well to the new environment, after approximately two days in shock.